Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Approaches Slowly

Fall has arrived full swing out on the prairie. Richard below is witnessing his first fall season which he has found not b-a-a-a-d. The peak in color is suppose to be from the 6th through the 28th of this month.I had a birthday the day before, so understand my passion to this colorful season. I was also born on a first frost, so cold weather approaches soon.

You can see a mitten shaped area on this butterflies wing. This is where we place the sticker made specifically by 3M for this purpose.

A teaching diorama set for all the visitors during the week.
A Praying Mantis flees watchful eyes of the children in the group.

I loved this bright orange fungus adorning a fallen tree on the way down to the river bottoms.

Flying flowers
Float gracefully
On a prairie breeze.

A last tagging effort of wayward Monarchs found a lot enjoying the late blooming blue sage on this prairie  area, working first on uplands and then having better luck along river bottoms.You can see a collapsible insect hotel with a dozen specimens so each participant could identify and practice tag a butterfly before going out into the field.Chris, wearing a butterfly shirt, required all to kiss and say Adios Amigos to each one released. He had went through over 700 stickers this year, and is an educational coordinator at Kuehn Nature Preserve.
You can see the numbered sticker with a 800 number to contact, and name of the program. We sex them, record time and GPS location along with the date caught.This generation will live the longest, vacationing in mexico. They will breed flying north, lay eggs in Texas and die. The next generation continues this cycle, until third and fourth generations arrive this far north. The fourth generation will return to Mexico.


  1. This was such an informative post for me! I have learned so much more now about the monarch butterflies and their cycles. It is a treat to see so many beautiful flowers and watch fall steal in to the prairie!
    Belated happy birthday wishes!

  2. Have I ever mentioned how much I like your blog? Your pictures are vivid. Your information is spot on. Thank you.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Richard is adorable.

  4. Richard is quite handsome. Thank you for the info about the Monarchs.

  5. So you bring the cold! Now I know who to blame. Awesome photos this post.

  6. Happy birthday a bit late, Steve! I so enjoyed the Monarch photos and the information shared. I didn't know that it's every fourth generation that we're seeing in our part of the country. So interesting.

  7. I never heard of sexing butterflies! I agree with Ann that Richard is adorable.

  8. Happy birthday! The first Friday needs to wait a while longer this year as I still have sweet potatoes to dig.

  9. fungus and butterflies and blue flowers. fall is starting to make itself known down here. pecans are starting to drop.

  10. Most interesting. Tagging butterfly's is a new one for me...:)

  11. What an adventure tagging butterflies! WE saw only a few Monarchs here this year and there was plenty of Milkweed :)

  12. Hi Steve - Richard is a handsome lad ... but the butterfly story, along with your nature photos, is fascinating - I'd no idea - they make a staggered way north, each generation going only so far ...

    The Beeb are about to show a programme or two about the Painted Lady butterflies coming over from Morocco ... so your note about the tagging etc is really useful to see ...

    Thanks .. and yes that fungus matches your orange commenters' names ... cheers Hilary

  13. Hi Steve. First, Happy belated Birthday. You are so lucky to have your birthday during such a beautiful season. Autumn is by far my favorite season. I LOVE those orange mushrooms. They look fantastic, but also deadly! Love Richard too. He is adorable. Linda directed me to your blog because I started to tag Monarch butterflies this year. I have only tagged 4 so far. I found it difficult to catch them because I was afraid to hurt them. I have discovered over 20 chrysalises around my garden. I hope I can tag most of them. Christa at

  14. That blue flowering plant looks like Plumbago! Is it? We have the big bushes down here and the blooms are thick.
    Love little Richard!

  15. Belated happy bday. Hope it was joyous.
    I enjoyed the pictorial. That lamb is awfully darn cute!


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