Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Do You Pick The Best ?

From where I started to where I ended, I always struggle with the right angle for a sunrise.
Here I was enjoying the iridescence on the bottom of the clouds.
Here I am running up and down a road getting the best place. I hate anything man made that can sneak into a shot, especially power lines.

The sun starts to peek
And that new day is here

What a great way to enter into a day.

Workers sorting and grading seed corn that is being harvested.I was amused at the office set on top of the combine. This group probably worked detassling all of this corn earlier in the season to insure proper pollination. This will grow an all new crop next year.


  1. I don't think you can choose. Gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous sunrise. I've always hated it when power lines ruin the shot

  3. My neighbor put in three outdoor lights and runs them all night. I enjoy no artificial light and the clarity of moonlight. So I understand no power lines keenly.

  4. A good combination of pictures. The sunrise and the busy time of year for farmers.

  5. So, so beautiful to watch and photograph this sunrise!
    This is one of the busiest times for farmers - all hands on deck - of the combine harvester!

  6. The sunrise pictures take my breath away. I always feel sunrise/sunset and their pics are so motivational for writing...and living.

  7. I think the last skies picture with the sun just peeking is my favorite.

  8. Hi Steve - love the sunrise shots ... they are all great - but I'd go with the 3rd from the bottom ... while the Corn gatherers - so good to see them harvesting ... cheers Hilary

  9. No need to choose a favorite. Nor to compare with my rookie attempts. I see Iowa through a new lens after having joined in attempt to protect it. Your lens gives me a better sense of why.


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