Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Daily Travels

A nice part of starting my day was walking in a Labyrinth to clear my thoughts.
Silver-spotted Skipper

A rather grim reminder of the advancement of civilization

In twenty four years of the plow the prairie is cut in half and two large animal populations eliminated.

It was fun seeing large flocks of these Kingbirds migrating.

This was on a small side trail. When I checked back someone had walked through the web. EEEEk!

After a hard day out on the prairie I made some Shrimp Scampi with lots of fresh garlic from the garden. I ate this whole pan.


  1. You give a history of the prairie which is very sad. I don't know how this planet will survive without the natural things which have been destroyed.

  2. Hi Steve - oh dear ... re the Web - and those stats about Iowa and its colonisation don't ring happily for nature. The dish of Shrimp and Scampi looks delicious ... fresh garlic - so much better and not so pungent ... wonderful - when's lunch for me?! Cheers Hilary

  3. Oh my! I had no idea that so little of the natural prairie is left!
    Great photos of the bison and elk, birds and even the spider!

  4. That labyrinth is pretty cool. Sad about the elk and bison. The shrimp scampi looks so good. I doubt I could have eaten that whole pan myself though

  5. Love the moody landscapes as well as the Shrimp Scampi. I have a great recipe for them on my blog, if you like you can check it out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Yes to scampi. I particularly appreciate the captions with the names of the butterflies, etc. Lived in Wyoming and the vast herds of elk were always a source of wonder, as well as the people who fed them through the winter. I have been hearing about government programs for changing farmland into pollinator, milkweed, walnut, or prairie. Sounds positive.

  7. I love the second shot, of the butterfly on the flower. The labyrinth looks interesting. I'm grateful for places like Yellowstone, where the buffalo (I'm old school) can still be seen in fairly large herds.

  8. I wish there was a labyrinth around here. and where were those markers describing the death of the prairie? great photos as usual.

  9. I love the exotic animals of the prairie. And the scampi looks divine. Do you serve it over noodles?

  10. Great animal shots, and an effective way to tell a story.


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