Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweet Corn And More

If one eats one of each color, what color does your tongue become?

In the tiny town I live in, they are famous for sweet corn. A annual festival feeds anyone who wants to enjoy summers delight of sweet corn slathered in butter.Over one hundred volunteers showed up to husk enough corn to feed all who come to this yearly event. There were no rules or direction, one just joins a group, forms their own, or as in my case carries shucked ears to be washed and placed in a refrigerated truck.What a delight to be part of, cleaning three wagon loads of corn for the festival the next day. We assembled in the public safety parking and everyone was in good spirits.With only 3,600 residents, most everyone in town has been part of this at sometime in their lives.Cold drinks are provided, or many brought their own.
Bags of corn waiting to be shucked.
Even a princess joined in.
The two hardest workers, at least we thought so.

This is the farm I brag about so much. We are having a back to school bonfire and camping in the woods this weekend. Come and join in the fun. 



  1. H Steve - I'd love to come ... I'd enjoy the Corn, the parades and all the extras ... then I could sleepover in your woods - hope it'd be warm! Mind you right now - it's so hot here (yes = it is hot!) I'd be happy with a cool night!

    Cheers and have lots of fun ... you'd have a blue tongue methinks? They're having fun ... and you two look like you're doing good works ... enjoy - Hilary

  2. Your sweet corn festival reminds me a bit of watermelon day when I was a child. I will have to post about it. Now my mouth is watering for corn on the cob.

  3. I love small towns and I love the farm! Looks like my kind of place!

  4. The sweet corn day looks like so much fun. Great pictures.

  5. Nothing like fresh corn on the cob. I had mine tonight.

  6. And its great for community small town togetherness. We have a similar event lasting four days called "Ag Days" with lots of food, races, cruise night, tractor pulls etc. Community fun for sure...:)

  7. Were you paid by the bushel for all your hard work?!!
    Camping this weekend sounds like great fun!
    Beautiful nature photos as always!

  8. That's a lot of corn. We bought some at a roadside stand last week and it had no flavor to it at all. I'll have to stick to the locally grown stuff they're selling at the store.
    Bonfire and camping sounds like fun

  9. That sweetcorn festival is so "rural America." I love it. And your farm is beautiful.


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