Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Big Bend

A relatively new prairie restoration, about twenty years old. This is an area I would like to saturate with bluebird houses. With over 750 acres including a tract running along a river, it always has something new for me to see. There is a Big bend National Park, but it is in Texas. This is a county park near where I live, so I go often to enjoy it's beauty.

A beetle hotel, attracting many wanting to build their population.
Monarchs were all over, most being females I hoped laying eggs.

A baby on adjacent land basking in the summer sun.I chatted a bit but was largely ignored.
Northern Cloudywings, the male is tattered from many brief encounters.

You can see how one area has been mowed to hay and spread on new areas at another park.

The only male I saw on this day.
Prairie Gentian

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Stroll

The bucket of apples had one apple with a few bites taken out and the apple replaced. a two year old was responsible and had another in his hand.A friend was in the kitchen making a large batch of caramel as we picked more to dip in this lovely sauce. After eating a big meal of fish I had caught I could not slow down on the dessert to dip the fruit in.It was still hot and one needed to let it cool a bit on their plate before eating it. I had to go in and wash up after a bit, having sticky fingers from serving the grandchildren sitting near me and showing off my talents of consuming large quantities.I came back and cut a few more apples and started back into  an eating frenzy. MMMM, the best in the Midwest.

Richard getting cleaned up for a show. He is only five months and still a little naive when getting handled.The children all gathered to help, but as their imaginations soared the job was left to my oldest and me. There were a lot of burrs from his romps in the pasture with brothers and sisters.He is a Baby Doll Sheep and has wool comparable to cashmere.
The bucket of water becomes a popular hangout on a hot summer day.
A nearby neighbors front garden display

It is hard to see the small chick keeping under it's mothers body for protection. As she moved it circled under her learning to search for food.

A proud father has something more to crow about.
A few plums are waiting to be made into a great dessert.I was glad to have some vanilla ice cream to accompany it.You put the fruit in the bottom,pour a batter over this and top with boiling water and butter and bake it. It will be a breakfast, lunch or dinner treat for me in days to come. Stop by and I'll put on the coffee. Have a great week!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweet Corn And More

If one eats one of each color, what color does your tongue become?

In the tiny town I live in, they are famous for sweet corn. A annual festival feeds anyone who wants to enjoy summers delight of sweet corn slathered in butter.Over one hundred volunteers showed up to husk enough corn to feed all who come to this yearly event. There were no rules or direction, one just joins a group, forms their own, or as in my case carries shucked ears to be washed and placed in a refrigerated truck.What a delight to be part of, cleaning three wagon loads of corn for the festival the next day. We assembled in the public safety parking and everyone was in good spirits.With only 3,600 residents, most everyone in town has been part of this at sometime in their lives.Cold drinks are provided, or many brought their own.
Bags of corn waiting to be shucked.
Even a princess joined in.
The two hardest workers, at least we thought so.

This is the farm I brag about so much. We are having a back to school bonfire and camping in the woods this weekend. Come and join in the fun.