Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wild, Wild Flowers

Great Blue Heron

Indigo Bunting
Eastern Goldfinch

It seems cats can have a variety of uses. I was trying to find three small ones for juggling, but they always ran away. Duckie seems to adore this one, and amazingly it puts up with it.Soft and cuddly makes a good kitty pillow for a nap.


  1. What a patient cat. I love cats. They can be very similar to dogs, only a lot smarter in my opinion.
    Great pictures. I've seen the weather map for the nation. It is hot all over and the flowers and little dragons love it. I still remember dragonflies being called snake doctors as a child.

  2. Awww what a sweet cat nap photo!
    Loved seeing the prairie today and all the delicate life forms it supports!

  3. Hi Steve - love the Ducky pillow ... how amazing ... wide awake though - hope the claws don't get in the way! Gorgeous shot though ...

    Love all the plants and wildlife - while the blue crane aileroning in ... great distant shot ...

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Love that last picture. Cats that have patience with kids are very special. Looks like that is one of the special ones:)

  5. Aaaaww. How cute. I like that you included some of the insects with the beautiful wildflowers.

  6. Now if that isn't the cutest thing and what a patient cat.

  7. Oh, so many beauties here. Love the dragonflies, and that monarch is gorgeous. And the indigo bunting...they seem to be rare around here, so I'm a little jealous. The last picture is so sweet, although Kitty seems just a little tense. :)

  8. That's an exceptional cat. Any cats I've ever had usually answer most things with scratches.

  9. I've never seen a cat lay still for pillow use..mine would scratch her way out of a hug like that! Pretty flowers, and great bird shots. Have a lovely weekend!


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