Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Start

Bikers can be a interesting bunch to hang out with. This ride was to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, with a bacon treats offered at each stop. Here many are eating a maple bacon doughnut, or maple soft serve ice cream with bacon crumbles on top. I am in a club of mostly former teachers called the Misfits.Many clubs were here, and of course reminiscing about previous rides. Many had tried the cross state ride, but a few always are first timers. 

Lots of beauty to see along the trail.

Trees kissing
A leaf falling ever so silent

Scouring Reed in bloom

Yum, wild raspberries all along the trail

Have a little heart

Being greeted back home by the welcome crew, with a smile. Maybe I smelled like bacon or generally they are always looking for a treat. This is Luigi and Walter, herd dogs to the end.

It was more reasonable to want to still eat, but a bit more healthy. Here are some burritos covered in a delicious avocado topping.


  1. Looks like a great ride. Love the "heart in the tree." Also, that sunset picture is outstanding!

  2. What a worthy cause. I have a cousin who has MS. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. You found some unusual pictures this time. I like them. There are a lot of bikers in clubs that do a lot of charitable work. Good job!

  4. Love that beautiful silo. The heart tree was a great find. Not much is better than coming home to a doggy welcome.

  5. lots of nice things to see along the way. A bacon treat at each stop would make it fun

  6. I hope your bacon themed food was donated! You had a ride for a good cause.

  7. I used to ride a bike to work every day for awhile but I never got a bacon treat at the end. Now I think maybe I was doing it wrong.

  8. I haven't ridden a bike in forever; I'd probably kill myself ;o) Love that silo and heart of the tree - beautiful shots!

  9. Those certainly are happy dogs! Glad you enjoyed cycling. I used to be big into road cycling, but run-ins with motorists and a few broken bones have taken me off the city streets and onto the trails instead.


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