Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Songs

A giant pile of rock being used for a highway expansion. These folks slid down from where they are standing.

I hear that summer singing
Always calling out my name
Come out and enjoy my beauty
Out on the prairie.
What kind of bird would imitate a cat? 
Baby Catbirds
Do you see the tiny Lacewing hanging upside down? It's antennae is longer than it's body.

Sacred sage
Canadian Milkvetch

Prairie Milkweed
Rattlesnake Master

White Prairie Clover

Korean Fir cone


  1. Love the rock pile. We have a mini one in our driveway right now of pea stone, and it is a kid magnet! lol

    The wildflowers are great. Some are unfamiliar to me. Love to see something new!

  2. Amazing photos! Love the flowers and the rocks, especially. And I have never knowingly seen a catbird.

  3. Somehow sliding down a pile of rock doesn't sound very comfortable.

  4. Hi Steve - I've always regretted being able to ride a horse ... but having been thrown a couple of times - I've retired from that wish in life - but am always happy to see others enjoying themselves.

    Wonderful summer - catbird ... they're quite pretty in their shades of grey with a cap of black ... that Korean Fir cone is massive ...

    Lovely shots and yes summer songs are ringing out .. cheers Hilary

  5. That rock pile looks like fun but I'm thinking at my age I might hurt

  6. It took me a bit to find the lacewing. Once I found it I wondered why I hadn't seen it right off.

  7. As far as what kind of bird would imitate a cat....I'd say one with a weird sense of humor:)

  8. No familiar with the Korean fir cone. Interesting!

  9. You get out and see many interesting things. thanks!

  10. A fun post, Steve. I didn't see the lacewing right away, either. Had to enlarge the photo to fine it, but then it was obvious. I never thought about the irony of a bird sounding like a cat, but you have a point

  11. Wow - some really neat shots this time. Beautiful flowers, and I just love that cone (it's so weird! ;o)

  12. Another wonderful selection of photos! I can just see my kids having hours of fun on that slope of stones!

  13. Amazing photos, the Korean Fir cone is interesting

  14. Nice pictures. Love the horses and the plant portraits.

  15. Beautiful horses and some interesting plant life, up close and personal.

    I'll bet that rocky slope was fun.

  16. I blew up the picture (not literally, heh) to get a better view of the lacewing. He/she is very delicate looking.


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