Saturday, July 9, 2016

Listen To The Sounds Around You

I normally wake at the break of dawn. I listen to all what is around me,and identify the particular sounds. A Robin often starts up in a tree outside my bedroom window. Today a Morning Dove joined in for a few tiny little cooos. It reminded me when I first started imitating bird calls, that it was one of my first to get a return answer with.The others held back, while the dove performed a solo. It is a new day, to be used in a new way. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I always do mine. My happiness is carried off on a gentle prairie breeze, for all to recognize and enjoy.

Black-eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower
Wild Bergamot or Monarda fistulosa  looks like a crown. It is in the mint family and has a real pleasant scent out on the prairie.

Here is a great place to watch and listen to the prairie.

In the distance a castle stands proud.
Baby Barn Swallow

Mom, I am hungry!
Making use of a river, a church group assembles.


  1. The picture of the baby barn swallow with it's mouth wide open made me laugh. Looks like that church group is going to have some fun

  2. I've got a bird that wakes me up in the morning. They see me through the window and start fussing to chase me off. A rather pleasant alarm clock.
    Castle gives the building perspective. If they are there you might as well enjoy the view. lol

  3. Nice way to begin each day: deep listening. I love that. My morning bird is a rooster. Well two actually. One has a very strange atypical crow and the other says his "Cock a doodle doo" storybook style. lol. That is the song I wake to every day. :)

  4. I too love the sounds. Early in the morning all is quiet and the sounds of birds is pronounced. During the day squirrels and bees can be heard if you listen. At night the katy-dids and crickets make such beautiful music.

  5. Good advice . However, I wonder what the critters hear. some of them have much better hearing than we do.

  6. Great shot of the spiderwort, and I loved the baby barn swallow.

  7. The good thing about being out in the country is that the sounds of nature are so much easier to hear.

  8. Love those river canoe outings with a group. I DID many with our middle school 8th graders...:)


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