Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby Woodpeckers

Perhaps you remember my finding this nest site and watching the first babies. This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker and the second brood they have  raised. I pulled up a chair and listened to their chatter each time a parent approached the nest.I stayed for a couple hours enjoying their activity.This is in a beautiful state park about one hour away, so I can go often. A nearby town boasts a favorite ice cream stand, Frosties, which always sounds good. It has been 95F (35C) so one must eat fast.Brain freeze!

Look at the baby on the side, a sign they will be leaving the nest soon
Life is good


Lucky Luigia, looking rather sheepish after devouring 10 adolescent chickens earlier in the week. Bad Dog Louie is what my grandson calls him.He is still a pup at 8 months but is huge.A herding dog, he came close to leaving for a cattle operation.
How does one ever say no to Henry?
The woodpeckers sit on top of a 100 foot limestone outcropping.At one place the Middle River below goes in all four directions when you look down at it.
Common Whitetail
Halloween Pennant
Mother Red-winged Blackbird telling me off


  1. oh no, Luigia, 10 chickens? Bad dog! I like chicken too but 10 is a bit much...lol

  2. What great pics! I'm glad you pointed out baby woodpecker sitting on the branch or I would have missed it. Your grand baby is a cutie. Good pic of yourself.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Young woodpeckers can make a terrible racket when the parent is returning.

  4. Of all the inspiring pictures I like the one with the caption Life is good. I think it is a lot better now that the heat wave has moved on.

  5. I love the woodpecker pictures. The only time I was ever to get pictures of a bird in its nest was a woodpecker just like this sticking its head out of its hole. That was a great time.

  6. Hi Steve - I don't think you say no to Henry - I know I wouldn't! What a wonderful place to chill out and watch whatever nature gives you - the woodpeckers are brilliant - while the Liatris are a delight to see - as too the other 'wild life' .. cheers Hilary

  7. I smiled when I read about your state park and hour away and a special ice cream stand in another nearby town. That's the same setup we have with Ouabache State Park where we spend so many afternoons. The nearby ice cream stand is a huge motivator for going often to the park. Great flower pictures today. I hope Bad Luigia will abandon his bad habits and become the herding dog you need.

  8. Luigia clearly has a growing boy's appetite!
    Little Henry is precious & I'd find it hard to say no!
    Fantastic shots of the dragon flies & flowers! I'd say your pretty lucky to live in the midst of all that! Life is good even when the ice cream melts fast!

  9. You get such wonderful, detailed closeups.

  10. life IS good. just gotta focus on the right things.

  11. Great photos! I am happy that you are enjoying life. It is inspirational.

  12. I saw a video of a deer eating baby birds one time. I guess it is like Lay's potato chips, you just can't eat one. Before I had to restrict my bulldog's lifestyle, she was keen on eating rabbits. Then she lost her taste and would just look at the rabbit in the front yard. Manana.
    Henry looks like he takes no prisoners. I couldn't say no to him either.

  13. It's 96 out. That ice cream sounds mighty good right now.


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