Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pig In the Prairie

A Carolina Wren sings me a love song,it is the start of a new day. When I woke I had a nice breeze coming through my window. It carried  the sweet smells of the world around me. Maybe it carried a few memories, I lay back down and took in this fresh air. I remembered laying close to the window in the summer as a child. I could almost smell the dusty screen in my old room. There had been a storm last night nearby and some of the rain smell still lingered in the air. It was hard to find that right position to enjoy this moment in the morning. I rolled back over and felt the prairie breeze, drifting through my room, carrying the happiness of many on it's fingertips.What a great way to start one's day, out on the prairie.

Both of these Berkshires have been bred

This is the first batch of incubated eggs, plus a duck who has assumed the role of lead chicken.I hope it won't be up to me to tell her that she is a duck. I figured the other ducks maybe would, but they have been in their own little world so long, perhaps they want it to stay that way.
Prairie Phlox
Hoary Puccoon
False Indigo

Scurfy Pea

I like the contrast of colors with the Scurfy Pea and Golden Alexander.

A fish waits near the top of the water


  1. well that sounded like the perfect start to a day. The duck leading the chickens is just too funny

  2. Lovely space to chill out and admire the nature at the same time! Nice...

  3. Love your description of your morning. You are living the life, aren't you?! The photo of the prairie and the sky made my heart ache for somewhere I've never been.

  4. I believe the first is the state bird of South carolina

  5. What a nice start to your day and a great set of photos. Number 17 is a perfect "Out on the Prairie" shot. Nice clear shot of the red-winged blackbird, too.

  6. Do you know that I have live back here for 4 years now and still have not seen a pig? All farms used to have pigs. It seems as if the only swine in the whole area are raised in those smelly buildings.

  7. I love your pictures. I so enjoy Carolina Wrens:) They're such perky little birds. One found a way onto our screened in porch where we previously lived. The HH managed to get it in a shoe box and freed it.
    Also glad to see free ranging chickens.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. A chickeny duck. The duck probably figured it had to make friends where it could find them.

  9. Hi Steve - no wonder you put your feet up and just embraced your lands with your senses .. loved seeing the animals, birds, grasses and plants ... I love purple and yellow - when the daffodils are out with the irises - they make lovely viewing colourations ...

    cheers and enjoy that prairie .. Hilary

  10. I love the little Carolina Wrens; we have them here, too. They are awfully hard to catch on camera when they flit around so darn fast though ;o) Beautiful flowers; the purple and yellow make for a gorgeous contrast.

  11. Love the beautiful pictures! There is nothing like fresh eggs!

  12. Great photos. Thanks for naming the wild plants. I always look them up and then forget as fast as I learn them. I too love spring, summer, and fall days laying in bed surrounded by the scents of the season.


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