Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quiet Evenings

Tree Swallow
Quiet evenings
Often spent with me
Let's me enjoy life
Out on the prairie.

Male Bob White

A new morning begins
Rather foggy and glum
Hey, give me some sun!
Smallmouth Bass

Great Blue Heron
Dandelions coated with fog

Turkey Vulture
Blue-winged Teal


  1. What fun nature shots. I love the Bob White.

  2. Beautiful photos! Its a pretty day here wish I could be outside!

  3. Spring has truly sprung. I love the light in the first few images. Just beautiful.

  4. Those are fabulous bird photos especially the Song Sparrow (I think it is anyway.) Beautiful sunrise, too.

  5. well I guess the fog didn't effect the fishing :)

  6. The only thing that comes close to a quiet evening on the prairie is a quiet morning. The evenings soothe and relax. The mornings fill with expectation and energy.

  7. I loved seeing the Bob White! I'm not sure I've ever seen one before, although I remember hearing them when I was a kid. The sunrise/sunset pictures are glorious, and I love the woodsy scenes.

  8. looks like it's got a big mouth to me

  9. Hi Steve - love the shots - and yes how much changes between a damp foggy dawn, with bright sun to follow, then the evening sun setting and peace settling us down for the night ...

    Gorgeous photos - cheers Hilary

  10. The tree swallow picture reminds me of the time I was chased by a protective mother swallow.


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