Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Playing Hard

New families
Always thrill me
Sharing happiness and pride.

Flickers doing that special little spring dance

A few crabapple blooms

No two are the same, lovely blooms to enjoy


  1. I love seeing the geese. I don't get to see many these days.

  2. Pretty flowers! Are you living in the teepee?

  3. I can almost smell those apple blossoms! Ours were frozen in their tracks this spring so there were no blossoms and there will be no apples :( You take such wonderful photos! I always enjoy my visits here.

  4. You may be playing hard but I think you are have enough fun that it is not a hardship.

  5. Very few people have seen the majestic dance of the flickers. Obviously you've seen it and shared some photos.

  6. all the blossoms are gorgeous.

  7. Oh the flowers are wonderful! Love the new families too. Am watching for those here, but it is a bit too early.

  8. The teepee looks great. Love that sunset shot. And all the birds and blooms are wonderful. Great post.

  9. Hi Steve - the blossoms are wonderful and how amazing to see so many different varieties ... your prairie must look just delightful at this time of year ...

    Glad the TeePee is proving a great draw ... cheers Hilary


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