Sunday, March 27, 2016


That tiny mushroom
Really thrilled me
The first treasure of the day.

Amazingly I gave most of these away. I took this to tease a hiking friend who only brought two  for lunch one day. I was glad I had a hefty ham and cheese to share. It was a hike into a steep canyon with a hard accent to get out. I had helped put bobcats into this area and wanted to see how they were.
Slippery Elm
Pussy Willow

My daughter recently posted a shot of her youngest saying, " He was the best thing to wake up with." I always enjoy a good sunrise, there seems to be a lot of spirit in that early morning. Funny how a prairie specialist enjoys being on the water this early the best.

I look that funny?

Are you making a mess? No. I let him stay with  it, even though this is a new table.
Homemade jams , seven kinds for the market. My oldest is queen of the jams, she has a strong following.

I liked this without the bark, but still had the shape of the bark on the tree.



  1. Hi Steve - gorgeous shots ... Spring really is coming - excellent looking jam ... and letting them mess the table and spot the early morning sun - wonderful .. as too the mallard: I definitely would look funnier! Cheers and enjoy the lighter days ... Hilary

  2. It breaks my heart to see those lovely old abandoned farmhouses. That was once a nice home for a family. Then instead of another family living in it, it was allowed to just sit and rot. So sad.

  3. I already ate the Russel Stover's eggs that I had. Wish I had a few more :)

  4. I had to skip the eggs..jeepers the calories in those babies...whew!! Jam- YUM! Your daughter is talented..I cannot get it right myself. I gave up years salsa...I can make a mean salsa!

  5. spring is busting out. love those little blue flowers.

  6. Outstanding nature photos. Some of them put me in mind of botanical prints, which I think are better works of art than a lot of the nonsense we see around these days.
    Love your daughter's jams, go girl!


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