Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Reading the newest issue of Goat Rancher out on the farm.We got a free subscription after my daughter wrote a second article about moving animals this last month.
Leap frog, Henry and Luigi
This looks like a new toy, Luigi is amused at the pulling the leash on Riley Rae. They are similar in age and Luigi laid down so she would play with him. Luigi has never worn a collar or leash, so it is very unique to him .
There are seven new babies running in the barn. My daughter named one after me, she said this morning. My son-in-law had to think of another name or have the ram born on his birthday named after him. All need registered with a tag on their ear.
What a smile! 
Berkshire hogs

Southdown  Babydoll Sheep
There are twenty eggs in an incubator set under the four flats of sweet and hot peppers, getting ready for the spring.
Making a nest in the hay.
Mother to them all, plus four children.

These two are always a pair, never separating.
Tough farm gal, my oldest daughter.
I have lots of access to wool if any of you work it. We need to learn how to spin.
Cleaning up a new lamb with some help from an Italian Sheepdog. 


  1. Hi Steve - that's great your daughter has this wonderful place for the kids and animals .. lovely range of animals and fowl.

    It'd be good to know how to spin and weave ... sadly not for me - I'm allergic to wool ... our lambing season has started here .. the porkers look good ... while that sheepy smile!

    Cheers and enjoy the greening and life giving Spring - Hilary

  2. Awww! Thar be Babies!!
    Tooooo cute!

  3. we should all have grown up on farms and at one time we mostly did. my daughter-in-law has recently taken to spinning and dying wool for knitters.

  4. I've often thought how great it would be to live on a farm. Of course I've never considered just how much work it really is but still...

  5. You make me miss living on the farm. This was a fun study of the animals.

  6. Lovely babies....I have never been around sheep and feel like I have missed out.

  7. Look at all the fun, exciting stuff you have going on! Feels like spring :-)

  8. Being on a farm for awhile would be fun. I haven't been on an actual farm since I was a kid.

  9. You've really jumped into farm life with both feet, haven't you? It's neat that you and your daughter share this love of nature. Looks like you're going to have your hands full with all the babies coming.

  10. What fun to visit your daughter the farmer!! :)


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