Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cultivating Success

An amazing gift to bestow on a new gardener. It has all the basics to make the best start into gardening an easy one to enjoy. A amazingly amount of information packed into a good days read, it offers areas to record your thoughts and ideas on each chapter. I really enjoyed looking at all this, since it hit on topics I have heard recently at my master gardener meetings.Look for it on Amazon, for $21, and you are sure to see what grabbed my attention.

I really enjoyed how it addressed the family experience to eat well. Marcie's children enjoyed to help photograph all the illustrations involved, plus seem very active in their food production. I have enjoyed reading her blog, The Quiet Country House, for some time, and enjoy her style used with her writing. It always places me in her world and makes me able to see and feel all around her. We  have a lot in common, and I always look forward to her next post. Look over her blog:

Sunday, March 27, 2016


That tiny mushroom
Really thrilled me
The first treasure of the day.

Amazingly I gave most of these away. I took this to tease a hiking friend who only brought two  for lunch one day. I was glad I had a hefty ham and cheese to share. It was a hike into a steep canyon with a hard accent to get out. I had helped put bobcats into this area and wanted to see how they were.
Slippery Elm
Pussy Willow

My daughter recently posted a shot of her youngest saying, " He was the best thing to wake up with." I always enjoy a good sunrise, there seems to be a lot of spirit in that early morning. Funny how a prairie specialist enjoys being on the water this early the best.

I look that funny?

Are you making a mess? No. I let him stay with  it, even though this is a new table.
Homemade jams , seven kinds for the market. My oldest is queen of the jams, she has a strong following.

I liked this without the bark, but still had the shape of the bark on the tree.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring In My Step

One of two Great Blue Heron rookeries I found this day
Hard to get him to pose

These birds are four ft(1.3 m) tall. They nest in large groups called a rookery. It is impressive to see a tree with eight to fifteen nests. Each often has a parent standing on top.
An old limestone home always has a unique charm.
Pussy Willow

Whorled Milkweed just opening it's seed pod.
Out on the prairie
Lots of fur , teeth and some bones

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It seems like they have been closed for the season a little bit to long. A quality place to grab a cold one, a bottle of Frostie Root Beer. This is the closest ice cream stand for me, about 20 miles, to grab a cone. In a book I was reading two characters went out for a chocolate dipped cone, and I have wanted one ever since.

This is one of many covered bridges that where used in the movie, "Bridges of Madison County", which was produced here from a book written by Robert Waller. It is a good Clint Eastwood film, and the book a very good read.

This is the bridge across the Middle River