Friday, February 26, 2016

Still Loving Winter

A high school friend made this pie plate. He has had a ceramics studio for many years. I will be making a small cheesecake in it today for my youngest daughter and her children.I was thrilled when I recently got this labor of love, all hand painted. 
A dogs life at the cabin with Riley Rae.
A  new club added for horsing around on the golf course. I have two now, toys to keep around when the grandchildren visit. They would be dangerous golfing around the house. Last week a two-year old was chasing his brother swinging a broom. When this happens I can hear sayings from my mother.
A tool from the past after a recent dusting of snow.

Along a section called scenic Route 6, called the White Pole Road
This was built in the early 1900's as a town hall. It is still used for a variety of events, aptly called the Roundhouse.
This church has regained it's glory after an arsonist set it on fire. The windows don't have the stained glass yet, but remains a monument of love to the people who raised money to restore it.
Blue Jay
I saw a friend getting his kayak out last weekend .

Red Angus youngsters

Yes I do love winter, but I would enjoy leaving one of my hearts on a sandy beach today.


  1. What a neat gift... I love the blue house on it.

  2. Hi Steve - the cheesecake sounds delicious and with a warm cup of something on a cold day like today would provide much tasty pleasure! That pie plate is lovely and how thoughtful of your old friend ...

    Gorgeous shots - kayaking just yet - no thanks but a warm beach would be wonderful ... cheers Hilary

  3. What a nice gift. and it's still looking pretty cold up there.

  4. That pie plate is too pretty to use. :) Love all the wintry scenes, especially the old piece of farm equipment in the snow.

  5. We better love winter as it's going to be here for a while longer. and why not take a few good photos as long as winter sticks around.

  6. Delightful pictures! Sometimes I like my photos best after I get back indoors and warm up.

  7. that pie plate is awesome and I'm betting the cheesecake that will go in it will be very yummy

  8. Riley Rae is adorable. I envy a dog's ability to so completely relax. I always feel like I have to be doing something. lol. Great photos!

  9. I always love seeing the deer. I've been seeing herds of twenty or more the past several days. The only day I had my camera there were none in sight. I also have to say that the church is beautiful. It's really a good one.


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