Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowy Day

A beaver drags it's paddle-like tail occasionally. It crosses a foxes prints and I crossed it's trail

Lots of controversy over eating the right foods. One can never go  wrong with Manischewitz products, but they are getting harder to find.

I live next to an area designated as a National Smokestacks and Silos historical  site. 

Loving winter
What else can
Anyone do?

This is a spring running down the hillside that had a green hue to it resembling a glacier. It has been so cold it has spread all over the hillside and covered the bank before falling into a stream.

I started with the removal of the old faucet, and my youngest daughter put the new one in. A chip off the old block, what a great time working together.


  1. looks like a pretty busy intersection in that first picture.
    I'm picturing you dragging your feet along to make that hear in the snow ;)
    Nice that your daughter can do things like that herself.

  2. Hi Steve - clever girl and how lovely your daughter does take after you as the handyman and woman around ... as you say fun time. The snow - does look cold, love the badger's swish .. and then your heart - great fun to see - cheers Hilary

  3. Looks like your cat was a good supervisor and had the faucet removal situation under control ;-)

  4. yah, live where it snows, gotta love it. what else an you do. it's bordering on spring here. it may actually be spring as we are in for a fairly warm week. I started cutting the roses back yesterday and cleaning out dead dry foliage.

  5. OOh that heart in the snow is my favorite, this time.

  6. You need more snow. My daughter never saw anything she didn't want to renovate. I was her assistant. It was a good time working with her.

  7. The beaver tail trail is too cool. I also like the heart in the snow. And isn't it nice to have children to help you around the house?

  8. Neat pictures! That first one is remarkable.

  9. Love that your grand daughter is doing home improvements with you. Those are the best memories... the little shared moments of every day real life.

  10. I've seen that smokestacks and silo sign in Iowa but can't remember exactly where....?

  11. You come across some interesting things on your walks. Finding the imprints in the snow of fox tracks and beaver tail is one example. Beavers are pretty rare here this part of Indiana. I like the silo shot, too. Sounds like you live in a pretty picturesque area.


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