Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's Trying To Be Nice

A tiny seed off a Velvet leaf

That is a black rabbit huddled with these chickens on the left.

By all the footprints I believe they have been doing the "Chicken Dance".
The new farmhouse, a real gem. There is a large prairie just one mile away. I will look forward to sitting on the porch with my grandchildren.
Lots of walnut trees around the creek bottoms of the property attract a group of well fed squirrels.
A nice place to put a cabin in the spring
An eagle stands over a deer carcass. Often there may be more than one at this wintertime buffet.
Hey, are you finished over there? There are two more are waiting.
Another eagle waits for a break to enjoy some venison. Being younger, it has not fully transformed into fully white feathers on it's head.

Red-tailed Hawk

A good place to fish for Walleye


  1. Nice looking farm house and that front porch is awesome. If I were to ever move that would be a feature I would insist on having

  2. the new farmhouse, as in recently purchased? looks like a wonderful place to live.

  3. I looked at your post and then went back to the title to see what tied everything together. Yes, they're all trying to be nice even the weather. I like your new house and location.

  4. Those chickens look cold! Cute farmhouse. I love old farmhouses like that.

  5. Hi Steve - it does look cold! No wonder bunny decided to join the clucking chicks - bet they enjoy his warmth too ...

    That farm house looks a delight - and will be particularly when the warmth of the sun and green is all around ...

    Gorgeous place you live ... cheers Hilary

  6. Love that black and white chicken. Such a pretty color pattern. And you really captured the red tail on the hawk. No doubt about that ID. :)


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