Saturday, February 13, 2016

Haunted Home

You can see the debris clumps in the tree that show how high this river was recently. 
The door swung open and the curtains moved, providing a rather spooky effect with this abandoned home. It was a real windy day, or was there more to behold?

A site for a pow wow later in the year. This is a huge conservation area that is the county park closest to me.

A prairie asleep
If you really listen
You can hear it's silent snore.

I envision a batch of cookies if I cracked enough for my mother. It doesn't take very many Black Walnuts to flavor a batch.

Are you ready for this?

A rather eclectic collection , but they would rather not share.


  1. just in case you didn't get the message...get lost! There is a windmill museum in Lubbock TX. you should check it out if you are ever out that way.

  2. That' last bit is a little off-putting, isn't it? lol. Love the blue sky and the red barn... Just craving color these days!

  3. Were you brave enough to investigate what was going on in that house?
    Love that bus. Very creative.
    I'm guessing whoever put up that sign in the last picture rolled up the welcome mat :)

  4. What a wide variety of photos. The last section shows some pretty kookie creations.

  5. What a wide variety of photos. The last section shows some pretty kookie creations.

  6. Maybe that home is abandoned for a reason...

  7. Hi Steve - I don't think I'd like to be around on your prairie in this weather ... and not much shelter in that old house with the door open, but more than the barn to follow.

    What an eclectic set of photos - but I guess reflects American life in the mid-west (if that's where you are?)!

    Love the teepee like poles for the pow-wow ... what a fantastic area to live by, especially when the weather is kinder.

    That pink BBQ bus - is just wonderful .. slightly out of context on the land .. but I bet it gets lots of gigs during the warmer months ...

    Fun - cheers Hilary

  8. Great post! That pink pig is hilarious!

  9. Lots of interesting things to see in this post, Steve. I do love the shot of the sagging barn and sturdy silo. The BBQ bus and RV were something, too. Would be a shock to come upon that piggy going down the road.


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