Sunday, February 28, 2016

Frozen Wonders

Ice forms under a dam. With lack of sun many of my pictures are almost black and white.

After a healthy hike I always need a good meal 
Can you ever make too many cinnamon rolls. I have a huge fan club when I bake.
Once you locate a few eagles in the trees, more begin to appear. Even though they are so big, they blend into the scenery well. A camera on a nest in Decorah, Iowa, in the Northeast corner of the state, has shown the arrival of a third egg 2/26/16. This nest is close to a trout hatchery and many good fishing spots for the parents to get food for their young once they hatch.The website draws a lot of visitors eager to see these magnificent birds.

As a kid, the sighting of a first robin was always a sign of spring. Now many will stay over in deep forested areas that still provide food over the winter.
I know there was a nut here
Wait, that is him hiking over there
Belted Kingfisher



  2. I've watched the Decorah eagles' nest for the last few years. It's so fascinating to watch them from laying to hatch to fledge. I love your little belted kingfisher. Good capture.

  3. All of those eagles are cool. I'd love to get a sighting like that.

  4. Hi Steve - that looks cold - and yes I can see the need for a healthy meal after the hike - bet you enjoyed it. Wonderful shots ... love the robin, different from ours - which we see all year round, and that belted Kingfisher is brilliant to see - cheers and enjoy your week .. Hilary

  5. Those cinnamon rolls sure do look good.

  6. I could go for some of those cinnamon rolls right now!

  7. I love those eagles. I see them flying from time to time, but never as up close and personal as your photos present them. Nice!

  8. frozen wonders, yes. and your meal looks very tasty.


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