Monday, February 1, 2016

Fit For A King

A nice meal on a cold winter day.

A huge sheet of clear ice peeking above the snow on a recently frozen river.
Pretty large cat
A dusting of snow

I have been running on slow for a bit. I have to wear a heart monitor until the middle of this month.I still get out each day, there is no better place for me to get better as out on the prairie. We are moving the farm today to a larger plot, so I hope mother nature allows us a break on the approaching blizzard. I am in charge of the human children and will amaze them with stories and games throughout the day. The sheep and goats are dragging their bellies with new babies and will enjoy the larger pasture.I got a new Italian Sheepdog, a Maremma, and have named him Luigi. Both the sheep and goats have been initiating him into the group with some head butts and explaining who is boss in the farmyard.


  1. I hope you didn't eat all that food by
    Hope all is well with the heart, take it easy and enjyoy the break from your busy lifestyle.
    Looking forward to hearing more about Luigi

  2. Good looking good and new pup! Hope all goes well with the monitor.

  3. I like the dusting of snow on that barn. Pretty.

  4. Yum! My sister had to wear a heart monitor, and it drove her nuts. She was having weird palpitations, but in the end, nothing was wrong. She did get off of all caffeine and certain foods (like salsa) for awhile and it seemed to calm down some. I hope all is well for you, also.

  5. Please tell us that the monitor is simply a preventive measure. I hope you are well.

  6. I hope the heart monitor isn't something too serious.

    The old buildings always make me wonder what they looked like when they were new.

  7. The meal looks delicious, indeed. Luigi sounds like a fun addition to the family. Hope the move was accomplished smoothly.

  8. You must be sad to leave such a beautiful place

  9. Crazy, we had steak and shrimp this weekend also. We never have shrimp, so I find it amazing that you posted the same meal as ours. What are the odds. I hope your heart issues work out. Luigi is a wonderful name and such a pretty dog. I hope your move is a smooth one and that you settle in quickly. Get well soon.

  10. Hi Steve - that meal does look enough for a King ... but good veg for that beating heart .. keep it ticking happily along. Maremmo seems like a lovely breed - he's so pretty ... and such a great name Luigi.

    Good luck with that farm move - hope all went well .. and I'm certain the human young will be happy with the stories ...

    Too cold - but more light now .. cheers Hilary

  11. Omg! The food looks Amazing!


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