Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Around The Farm And Into The Unknown

Was white a good color choice? They all come that way. The goats are head butting Luigi a bit to break him in who really is the boss. Little do they know how big he will be, and also the protector of the herd.
I told them not to eat so much and make a pig out of their self. New lambs will arrive in two weeks. These are Baby Doll sheep and Berkshire hogs.
What good way to top off a cold morning , cinnamon rolls and coffee. I'm taking some to my coffee club this morning.
I do love the winter
Let's grill!

I liked the contrast of all the white in this picture. The sky darkens as a new storm advances.

All you can do is sit on the seat and make motor sounds.I have the fishing fever bad, a favorite activity in the warm months. It has been a bad year to ice fish, with ice thickness varying on each lake and pond. This pond was feeling slushy so I stayed on the edge. A photographer went through the ice yesterday and my email and Facebook accounts were full of concern that it wasn't me. I went through on a creek when I was about 10. I was with two friends hiking on the creek.We built a lean to near a fire and dried our clothes, sharing what dry ones we had and keeping warm around the blazing fire. Coming home smelling like a smokestack we told our story. My mother was upset because we carried matches. They were in a waterproof container just as it said in the boy scout manual. We always carried them with us, often warming up when out in the cold. A secret from my mother however.


  1. Luigi looks a lot like a Great Pyrenees, but I think you said he was an Italian breed, didn't you? Anyway, he's gorgeous; and those goats will soon learn not to butt him. Love the sweet lady cardinal.

  2. It looks like you finally got some winter and snow. You made good use of it with great photos and a story of survival.

  3. Luigi is a cutie. He'll be showing those sheep who's boss in no time.
    Glad to hear it wasn't you who fell through the ice

  4. Glad it wasn't you through the ice. I wish I shared your love for winter.

  5. Hi Steve - that looks cold .. but going through the ice - how very unpleasant and dangerous .. I'm glad you got out safely especially aged 10 - you were obviously all very resourceful. I'm not sure I'd have been able to wait to dry my clothes off ...

    Love the photo of the storm coming in .. cheers Hilary

  6. Great wintry pictures. I really like the one with the puppy and the kittens.


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