Sunday, February 28, 2016

Frozen Wonders

Ice forms under a dam. With lack of sun many of my pictures are almost black and white.

After a healthy hike I always need a good meal 
Can you ever make too many cinnamon rolls. I have a huge fan club when I bake.
Once you locate a few eagles in the trees, more begin to appear. Even though they are so big, they blend into the scenery well. A camera on a nest in Decorah, Iowa, in the Northeast corner of the state, has shown the arrival of a third egg 2/26/16. This nest is close to a trout hatchery and many good fishing spots for the parents to get food for their young once they hatch.The website draws a lot of visitors eager to see these magnificent birds.

As a kid, the sighting of a first robin was always a sign of spring. Now many will stay over in deep forested areas that still provide food over the winter.
I know there was a nut here
Wait, that is him hiking over there
Belted Kingfisher

Friday, February 26, 2016

Still Loving Winter

A high school friend made this pie plate. He has had a ceramics studio for many years. I will be making a small cheesecake in it today for my youngest daughter and her children.I was thrilled when I recently got this labor of love, all hand painted. 
A dogs life at the cabin with Riley Rae.
A  new club added for horsing around on the golf course. I have two now, toys to keep around when the grandchildren visit. They would be dangerous golfing around the house. Last week a two-year old was chasing his brother swinging a broom. When this happens I can hear sayings from my mother.
A tool from the past after a recent dusting of snow.

Along a section called scenic Route 6, called the White Pole Road
This was built in the early 1900's as a town hall. It is still used for a variety of events, aptly called the Roundhouse.
This church has regained it's glory after an arsonist set it on fire. The windows don't have the stained glass yet, but remains a monument of love to the people who raised money to restore it.
Blue Jay
I saw a friend getting his kayak out last weekend .

Red Angus youngsters

Yes I do love winter, but I would enjoy leaving one of my hearts on a sandy beach today.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Little Bird Told Me

One of my mother's favorite resources for information  was little birds. It is amazing that this became a passion of mine as I always pay head to the birds calls around me. I was never happy when they told on me however as a child. " You were in the apple tree down the street," she might say. " How did you know  that?" I would reply. " A little bird told me,"she replied. Darn those birds.
Dismal days with low light turn a color photo into a black and white

A new arrival, the Purple Finch, tells me spring is near.
This is the female

Hey, I thought I was the prettiest around

What do you mean leave those birds alone? I am the prettiest by far.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's Trying To Be Nice

A tiny seed off a Velvet leaf

That is a black rabbit huddled with these chickens on the left.

By all the footprints I believe they have been doing the "Chicken Dance".
The new farmhouse, a real gem. There is a large prairie just one mile away. I will look forward to sitting on the porch with my grandchildren.
Lots of walnut trees around the creek bottoms of the property attract a group of well fed squirrels.
A nice place to put a cabin in the spring
An eagle stands over a deer carcass. Often there may be more than one at this wintertime buffet.
Hey, are you finished over there? There are two more are waiting.
Another eagle waits for a break to enjoy some venison. Being younger, it has not fully transformed into fully white feathers on it's head.

Red-tailed Hawk

A good place to fish for Walleye