Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold Waters

Rivers and streams are just starting to freeze over in a few places.I like the sculpted forms found when I am out, one may never see them like this again. The ice was kissed by a light snowfall.

My new home is here.

A new friend to train, Riley Rae.

Seven squirrels came single file out of the forest and crossed the road ahead of me. It was too cold to worry about getting ran over, being below 0F or -12C. A great day to swing some clubs around the lake and maybe bean a few friend's ice houses with a golf ball. My attitude is if you are going to live in it, one should always be playing in it. On this day it was hard to leave my arctic mittens off. My mother knit the wool inside mittens decades ago,  and the outside mittens are leather. I would love to have a new pair, I have some that are acrylic wool blend. Nobody can trace your hand and make a pair it seems, as my mother always did.

Two people were fishing in this ice house. This was a good target , a nice long drive I could brag about if I hit my target. I got it with the third ball. My caddy was none too happy having to walk on the lake to retrieve my gear. I believe I heard the quote, "Never again." spoken in a rather firm voice. I laughed thinking it is always best to overcome ones fears, such as falling through the ice, by walking on secure area. I had went through on a small stream earlier, but the lake was thick. I walked along the shoreline to remain shallow.

Putting was a bit tough with bumpy frozen turf. I had to switch to a brass headed putter to accommodate for the conditions.


  1. That could be why I don't like the winter weather, I don't go out and play in it. I doubt I'll change that but I do enjoy seeing you out there having fun.
    Riley Rae is adorable. Are the other pups enjoying the new trainee?

  2. Hi Steve - gosh golf out there! Poor fishermen - thwack from the unknown 'stone' ... a good retrieving four legger ...

    Lovely photos .. and boy it looks cold ... cheers Hilary

  3. I have never seen a little ice House like that. It doesn't really get cold enough here for lakes to freeze that solid.

  4. You are serious about playing in winter and maybe a bit satirical. Wool mittens ...they're the best ...especially the ones Mom knit. I'm having trouble finding the leather mitts.

  5. My first thought about that ice house was to wonder if it would float. :) Golf? Really? Has anyone ever questioned your sanity?

  6. That second photo is remarkable! Riley Rae is cute. But I don't think I'd aim balls at someone's shelter -- they just might get even!

  7. That 2nd photo is surreal. The Red Pant Man swinging away, the little dog and squirrel are quite cute (I know men hate to be called 'cute', but woman can't help noticing).

  8. Never thought of golfing in subzero...:)

  9. Dedicated golfer!Hahaaa
    LOVE Miss Riley Rae!!! Too sweet!


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