Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Along The Raccoon River

Three tributaries come together near here.

An old Methodist Church in the middle of nowhere.

When you think your life may be tumbling down
It may be nothing, but your house is not sound
Walls come tumbling, tumbling down.

A baby Brahma Bull, in four degree weather.

A few good places to go from my home.
Babysitting Riley Rae, four months.


  1. ...and there's still no ice on the river! What's going on? shortly the ice will disappear.

  2. Love the city jail, toys on the floor, and your sweet pup. If that's Lily, her gray is showing! But what a sweet face.

  3. Hi Steve - a good mix of photos .. I guess the extra flow of water keeps the main river relatively ice free. The Methodist Church is well maintained ... poor barns, and those prisoners must have suffered ... Riley Rae has plenty of toys to think about ..and love the nipper looking out at us ... and it is cold - ours is going for now, back to rain ... Cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Steve - I meant to add .. "where is London" on your signpost list? Cheers Hilary

  5. it amazes me that cattle and sheep give birth in the cold winter months. why don't those newborns freeze!

  6. These are wonderful scenes of a river in the winter. I like the jail too.

  7. I like the old barns better than the new church. Have fun sitting.


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