Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's For The Birds

 The opossum looks for an easy meal. A marsupial, they always have a rather ugly charm.
Downy Woodpeckers have bristles at the base of their bill to keep the sawdust out of their eyes.
Red-bellied Woodpecker

Female Northern Cardinal
Northern Flicker

I love to watch the antics of a Nuthatch, they are like the clowns of the forest.

It is nice to see the return of the Trumpeter Swans. The one with a collar was raised and released from captivity. Its mate is in the back and was born in the wild. The darker ones are their babies, a large brood to take care of. There were 71 on the lake this day.


  1. Look at all your fine feathered friends! We haven't seen many birds lately except blue jays and large flocks of geese, which are usually long gone by now.

  2. Great collection of wildlife photography.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I see plenty of that opossum's relatives dashing across the road in front of me when I'm driving all the time.
    Love all the bird shots.
    So how did the flash mob go on Friday?

  4. That's quite a variety of birds for one day!

  5. Love them all, especially the Flicker. Hope that collar doesn't get too tight on the swan.

  6. Beautiful wildlife. I see possums a lot at night when I'm driving home late from teaching classes. They are strange creatures.

  7. Hi Steve - I love seeing the birds and finding out what they are ... love the idea of bristles at the base of his bill, to stop the sawdust flying into his eyes ... evolution is an amazing thing.

    Enjoy your walks and gad abouts while the weather is still relatively clement .. cheers Hilary

  8. we have a possum(s) that live under the house. I haven't seen them for years and I wondered if they were still there. opened the back door one recent night to let the little dog out and surprised the poor thing. it hustled up the shrubby tree and waited til I called the dog in.

  9. Rarely see possums, but I know they can be mean and bite the heck out of you! You got to see a nice variety of birds on your outing..I wish I could see a swan.

  10. We had a possum under our bird feeder off and on this fall...:)


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