Monday, November 9, 2015

Wild At Heart

These furry galls on oak leaves were hard to figure what created them. A friend delved in these denizens of the forest, teaching at a local university for a half century. Each time she would marvel at the treasures I would bring to her. I think of her every time I find something new and old, and wish she were still around. Someone else other than me was also curious and I found many opened up. I wondered if it was Wild Turkey's looking for acorns or juicy insect.

 I heard a twin chirp above me and watched two Bald Eagles playing. They tumbled and flew with no cares at all. Soon they were out of sight, but I could still hear a faint call. 

A Downy Woodpecker is a regular visitor to this suet feeder.


  1. you always manage to find something interesting while you're out and about

  2. I love all the wildlife shots, especially those first two shots of the deer. In the first, it looks like it was lying in the grass. Then, in the second, it's on its feet and waving its warning flag. No idea what that stuff is on the oak leaves. Hope someone can help to ID that for you.

  3. Sounds like she was a fun friend to have. You got some beautiful pictures!

  4. You give a great fall trip. We seldom see white tailed deer We have mostly mulies here.

  5. Hi Steve - wonderful shots .. love the eagle/s, the wild turkeys delight me .. ever since I saw Joe Hutto's film "My Life as a Turkey" - it was wonderful. I posted about it in August 2011 ... while all your wildlife shots are just a delight to see - cheers Hilary


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