Friday, October 9, 2015

Walking Around A Nice Lake

This turkey will be more timid next month
When I first looked at this it appeared as if the branches were covered in frost. All the fluff from the wild lettuce seed pods around it was sticking to it.
A watch your step area, there were some very big cliffs.

A stone bridge built by the CCC
A great trailhead

I didn't notice any fairies close around, but thought i heard a few giggling.
A dry waterfall

If there is water, one must lay down in it like a little pig.


  1. I am starting to see some mushrooms popping up here too.

  2. Hi OOTP - he's a sweetie looking up at us! I love the idea of the lake and the walk around .. must be glorious to see the changing seasons etc ...

    Doesn't nature give us some wonderful different designs .. the snowflake dusting of the shrub with seeds ... gorgeous ... cheers Hilary

  3. Looks like a very nice trail. So many turkeys and one hot little dog.

  4. That is some nice terrain. Looks like a great place for a walk. If there is enough water, Mabel likes to wade in belly deep and drink without lowering her head. lol.

  5. Lily is a true water lover :) I enjoyed the walk around the lake

  6. You had a fine walk through the woods.

  7. No fairies, huh????? ha ha ha..... Looks like a great place to walk/hike. Love that old CCC bridge... They certainly did a lot of good in our country way back then, didn't they? Think I told you that my father-in-law used to work for the CCC... He was sent to Indiana --where he met his wife-to-be....


  8. Lovely walk- and a comical ending...of course we must lay down in the's a hot job walking around!

  9. Oh man, I nearly got shot yesterday on a walk behind the house. The city animal control was culling the turkey flock & I had been unaware of their campaign. But luckily they missed me and Ed and Reub. :-)

  10. I always feel I've been on the actual prairie after visiting here. Someday...

  11. We have started walking through a wooded park area near our mill apt here in Nashua, NH.

  12. We have started walking through a wooded park area near our mill apt here in Nashua, NH. The colors are just starting to change on the trees near the ruver and it is a beautiful sight for sure.


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