Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tiny Can Be Mighty

Question Mark Butterfly 
This Wooly Bear is a sure sign of fall. When I first see them I wonder if I should step on them to delay the seasonal change they announce.
Most of this guys cousins are in Panama by now.
Common Checkered-Skipper

A tattered Great Spangled Fritillary

When I look at these rose hips, I think of tea. These were just out of my reach. There is a lot of vitamin C in these and they are good for a cold. I have had a jelly made with these also.

Maidenhair Fern

This guy has gotten so big, he hasn't fit on his favorite log for a few years. Hard to give up something that is so good.
Female Cardinal
Eastern Tailed-Blue
Someone decided this was the best place to hang out, away from the group.


  1. Haven't seen a Wooly Bear yet this year. Usually see them crossing the road, and yes, I brake for Wooly Bears! (As long as there isn't a car right behind me!)

  2. Hi Steve - love the tortoise ... and all the photos of wildlife ... lovely to see them. Glad there's an independent one amongst them ... keeping an eye on you though. I drink rosehip and hibiscus tea ... it's very good ... cheers - Hilary

  3. Those rose hips are just beautiful..

  4. That EasternTailed Blue is really pretty. Daisy has a nice spot there all to herself

  5. You're a pro with the butterflies. I need to take a good look at them and maybe I cam identify some.

  6. I don't know what that little "umbrella" fungus is, but it's interesting. Love that Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly. The color is gorgeous.

  7. Yes I have seen some wooly bears lately on my runs. Rose hips tea is good.

  8. The cave looked a little tight for spelunking...:)


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