Monday, October 5, 2015

Taking It Easy

New England Asters

Morning sun

Tall grasses
Shimmer elegantly
In the morning sun.

Have you ever caught a leaf falling in a photo? It was on the end of a spider or caterpillar  made thread, maybe an escape from the tree above.
I have shown you this furry friend last week. A Muskrat loves to stay in the water, with behaviors like his Beaver friends.

I  will check with Shelly at MObugs to find out who this is, but it sure startled me crawling on my neck. I always try to handle them lightly, one never likes to get a sting or bite. Or on the other hand, bug guts on you if you slapped it. 


  1. Leaf mid-air. Otherworldly.

  2. The asters are so pretty. Glad you didn't get bug guts all over your

  3. Your morning sun has a peaceful hue to it and it goes well with the quiet horse.

  4. Muskrats are a lot of fun to watch. And you've got to love those beautiful colours of fall flowers. Lovely pics.

  5. We don't seem to have muskrats around here. Great shot.

  6. The asters are so pretty. And I love the horse!


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