Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Charm

A nice day to watch the river go by, and listen to a prairie breeze move the trees.
Silver-spotted Skipper
One of the smallest of the aster blooms is about the diameter of a pencil.

A lone Monarch
I was watching woodpeckers for quite a while before I noticed this Great Blue Heron laughing at me.

Boy, this always feels so good to roll in the sand.
A small flock of Northern Flickers followed some Bluebirds around the pond.
This Eastern Bluebird was starting to molt. I wasn't sure if they were flying to warmer weather or sticking around a bit longer. All the others have flown away quite a long time ago.
More eagles are showing up. The will trade places with the Turkey Vultures soon.
Leaves are showing a slight change in color, where some softwoods have just shed their leaves without turning color.
Asters range in color from a deep purple to white.
My favorite shot from this last month


  1. Rolling around in sand is better than rolling around in horse manure, which is what my dog likes to do. Those purple flowers are so pretty.

  2. Hi OOTP - love the photos .. and yes the laughing heron. It's great to see different creatures you have around ... cheers Hilary

  3. I agree that was a great day for an outing. The pictures are really great.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Rolling in the sand is such a fun pic! love it... Love the last one. It would be anyone's favorite!

  5. Love that title, October Charm.... That's what I love about Fall---its charm..... NEAT!!!!!

    We are getting lots of rain though this week. We needed the rain --so no complaints, other than we now have had ENOUGH... ha...


  6. Just beautiful, Steve. Love that one with the Monarch on the purple asters.

  7. I can see why it is your favorite shot. There is an innocence and purity in it.

  8. Love the asters. Lily sure knows how to have a good time

  9. Your favorite shot of the month is also a winner. There's much more than just a good reflection here.

  10. I'm impressed with the photos. Butterflies aren't easy to keep up with.

  11. beautiful photos. we're starting to have cool mornings but high temps are still in the 80s. perfect weather, not so humid.

  12. Great photos, as usual. Loved that Heron shot!


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