Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hold That Thought

One should alert a subject that you are taking their picture

Colors starting to fade

Hate to see these guys leave, but it is nice to still have a few to eat.

Some days when I am out walking in this area,  it seems I have a flock of Cedar Wax-wings following me. They have formed a flock for the winter and go from cedar tree to tree looking for food to fatten up for the cold on. I enjoyed watching as these beauties worked over this tree next to where I was sitting. It is at the end of a draw coming off a pond, so a very good birding site.

The tiniest of caterpillars, only a finger width long


  I have had no will power to avoid the Halloween candy. I hope you are enjoying it as well as me.


  1. I really like the composition and lighting in the image of the tomatoes. So fun to see the cedar waxwings, too. Such a beautiful bird.

  2. Our cedar waxwings go south but we do have huge flocks of bohemian waxwings all winter.

  3. slice up those tomatoes and lets make a sandwich :) That Buckeye is so pretty

  4. Nice shots. One of my boys can't have dairy or chocolate but we have worked out a Halloween candy trade....

  5. Some excellent captures. Love the first one and the horse with his head thru the fencing. Just great!!!

  6. I have a robust tomato plant volunteer that is starting to bloom. I'll bring it in when it gets cold. will have to get a grow light and maybe we will have fresh cherry tomatoes all winter.

  7. Love the horse's expression...I Love a Summertime tomato!

  8. I wonder how many of your photographs are framed and hanging in your house. They are all so lovely.

  9. Did you get legal consent from the horse?


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