Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Festival

An old train line depot
A nice barn quilt

Sheaves of corn are fed into the first hopper directing the cobs to the red sheller, and making a nice fodder grinding the stalks.Lots of equipment run from the power of this tractor, kept running at a nice idle. A system of belts connects everything to the main power source.

Ground cornstalks fill a hopper wagon
Steam powers a tractor connected to a huge circular saw
A huge saw cuts planks 
This would press hay into bales.

I am attracted to these like a moth to a flame. I am not mechanical at all, it is just amazing to watch these in action.

A taxi was fun to ride a few laps around the park in.
A Bullfrog watched time go by, back into the past. It was a county wide festival to celebrate family heritage and agricultural pride. The Morris family who first settled this particular area have a collection of  buildings, old machines and tractors they get out and play with each year. They donated a parcel to make Morris County Park years ago where they hold this event and have a small historical village set up there. This was just one of many activities all over the county to celebrate the beauty of fall and harvest season. It was fun to visit each town and look over arts and crafts, garage sales, an auto show and lots of food and music. There was something for everyone to enjoy. I went down for two days, hoping to see everything. I saw a lot, but not everything that was around.I bought some really good Purple Raspberry Jam at a turtle farm open house. They were passing out turtle soup for everyone to try along with some really good jams and jellies.
There was a bit of honor being asked to wipe down the chalk board in a tiny school. Sometimes it was because you were kept after school. I enjoyed banging the erasers together making a massive dust cloud.
Lots of dust with all the combines harvesting soybeans and corn.


  1. You brought back so many memories. My grandfather and my uncles baling hay, cutting wood, and harvesting corn. On top of that I remember cleaning the blackboard and pounding erasers. I had a great time.

  2. That must have been a very interesting and fun fall festival. Love the first picture of the leaves, and the "taxi" ride would have been a must for me.

  3. that sounds like a fun festival. I would love all the different things going on. I'm always fascinated by the old machinery

  4. I would be right with you when it comes to watching old machinery. They were quite ingenious when it came to making things that worked perfectly well.

  5. Would appear you have an engineering mind as well as one for nature. Sounds like a fun adventure seeing everything out there.

  6. I love the pictures of all the old machinery. There has been lots of the new ones, like in your last picture, around here lately. It's amazing how fast they work in the fields.

  7. That looks so fun. I would've loved to take my boys.

  8. Looks like a fun event for sure.....

  9. What a wonderful place to spend some time for you and your trusty camera. I love the frog peeking out of the water.

  10. Neat set of pictures! I bought a barn quilt for our shed.

  11. What fun! How wonderful that that family uses their collection instead of letting it gather dust. What a great thing to share with others. I would love to know how to make turtle soup. Was it good?


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