Monday, October 12, 2015

Exploring The Past

Limestone cliffs 
A favorite area to sit and listen to the river while enjoying a nice lunch. 
Heron Napping
The CCC was responsible for making beautiful parks all over the country. It was a regimented hard working group who knew no job that couldn't be done. This is at Lacey-Keosauqua State Park in Southeast Iowa. Years ago I had found the foundations of the bunk houses used by these men and wasn't sure what it's purpose was. There are lots of stories to be heard about this beautiful park. The county it is in has no fast food places or any stoplights. At Misty's in Keosauqua a small soft serve ice cream is one dollar. I'll have Black Raspberry please, and sometimes call it lunch. One time I ordered a medium and the girl was set back a bit because I never had, I always ordered a small. She almost had to redo it.

Fall is a time when the fauna opens up and you see a variety of fungus growing in the forest.These almost reminded me of peacock feathers.
This was full of water like a wash basin.
A figure eight served as a table for a squirrel or chipmunk eating hickory nuts.

Lots of Bittersweet Vine opening up it's beautiful seed pods. I used it as Christmas garland last year. As a child it was used around a Thanksgiving/Fall wicker cornucopia in my home, full of home grown gourds. A fall ritual would to go cut a few dry floral bouquets and look for the Bittersweet with my mother.
 That sun sure has been hiding a lot this last week here. Yesterday I changed direction on my hike just to be in a small area of breaking sun. It liked it so well, that the day brightened up with full sunshine.

Tiny changes
Soon spread
All over the land.

You are just wearing me out


  1. Hi Steve - love the photos and what a great place to sit and cogitate on life or just let nature take you in for a while. I didn't know the story of the Civilian Conservation Corp .. interesting to read about it and learn more .. cheers Hilary

  2. Such sweet, peaceful memories and pictures.

  3. We have stayed in some CCC cabins before. They are really fun. Neat photos and history.

  4. HA HA --love that last picture.... That's the way I felt last night after working HARD in the yard all day!!!!!

    Great set of pictures... We have had some gloomy weather here too---so I know how nice it is to SEE and FEEL the sunshine...


  5. Oh my...I knew when you started posting Fall leaves turning that Winter won't be far behind!
    Love the pups and make mine a Large please!Hahaa

  6. Ice cream for a dollar. I'm in. Daisy does look a bit wore out but at least she found a comfy spot to rest

  7. Only you could see the figure 8 with fungus!! Nice post,

  8. Love the fungus water bowl and figure 8 dinner table. The last picture of Daisy is too cute.

  9. I also am infatuated with fungi. My dad had a lot of bittersweet on the ranch last year and it was beautiful. I wish there was some around here. I tried to seed and transplant, but to no avail. As always thanks for the walk. I've been too busy to get out, so I appreciate yours.

  10. Chocolate, please, and a medium would be OK with me too. A great lunch idea, Steve. No calories if eaten while walking, right?

  11. love the fungi. getting cool at night here but still hot as blazes during the day.


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