Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Color Bursts

I can sit and just listen to the leaves fall. They are like a stained glass when the sun shines on them just right. For a short moment a single tree may start to glow while the sun has found it's way through the forest canopy. Just as fast as it appears, the sun slowly moves and takes that magical moment away.

I dropped my water jug and made a puddle for water hogs to lay in.

These almost looked like a dessert.

Wooly Bear
Sunlight filters
Through the trees
Warming the land below.


  1. Fall is in full swing in this post. I love your first and last photos here. Great composition in the one with the wooden footbridge, too.

  2. All beautiful, but the 3rd one and the dog cooling off in your spillage are favorites.

  3. beautiful fall color which we don't get but I'm happy to trade that for no snow.

  4. Yes, you do hear leaves fall and appreciate the sound. You have some brilliant reds there.

  5. The colors are glorious this year. I love autumn.

  6. I was in awe of the color show going on today. It was so pretty. I need to get out there with my camera before it's all gone

  7. I have seen lots of wooly bears lately. Nice mushrooms!


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