Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hold That Thought

One should alert a subject that you are taking their picture

Colors starting to fade

Hate to see these guys leave, but it is nice to still have a few to eat.

Some days when I am out walking in this area,  it seems I have a flock of Cedar Wax-wings following me. They have formed a flock for the winter and go from cedar tree to tree looking for food to fatten up for the cold on. I enjoyed watching as these beauties worked over this tree next to where I was sitting. It is at the end of a draw coming off a pond, so a very good birding site.

The tiniest of caterpillars, only a finger width long


  I have had no will power to avoid the Halloween candy. I hope you are enjoying it as well as me.

Horsing Around

It's chilly out, so I need a jacket 
An ocean of flowers getting ready for a winters rest

The doors open, help yourself to a cup of coffee and pumpkin bar


The sun peeks through the forest canopy and highlights a golden hickory tree.

 Bald-faced Hornet nest

Monday, October 26, 2015

Colorful Ideas

That secluded hideaway will soon be more out in the open as leaves fall.

 Soon they will be hidden
All tucked in and put away
Ready to plan the new year
A lot of work and some play.

A trail of two cities

Comma Butterfly

Morning greeting

This guy was tiny, about the size of my thumbnail.