Sunday, August 2, 2015

Majestic Monarchs

Halloween Pennant

Leadplant, a friend did her doctoral on bees that landed on this little plant
Hey, you guys see where the drainpipe empties on a hot day?



Monarchs grace
Prairie skies
So majestic
As it's name implies.

The male Monarch Butterfly may be easily distinguished from the female by noting the two highly visible black spots on the insect's hind wings and the thinner black webbing within the wings. The female's webbing is thicker and she has no identifying wing spot as the male does.

A baby Eastern Kingbird holds a recently dropped off insect by it's parent.


  1. I saw a monarch today, first one since spring. she laid a few eggs on my milkweed.

  2. You've done lots of work on butterflies lately. Nice job on the photos.

  3. As always great pictures. You have such a nice variety of subjects.

  4. HI OOTP - lovely photos ... and the poem on the Monarch ... dogs - they do love the best places on earth to lie in ... water, with a touch of dirt?! Cheers and keep up the recovery ... the bee lady's doctorite must be such a helpful resource. Hilary

  5. Beautiful shots as usual and the one of the dogs chilling (or at least trying to cool off) made me smile.

  6. Beautiful shots as usual and the one of the dogs chilling (or at least trying to cool off) made me smile.

  7. The dogs are adorable. Really great wildlife shots. I invite you to share your post at my new photo meme that I have started just now on my blog. Link is down below. Thanks!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. The Monarchs are beautiful, Steve. Of course, I love the dragonfly shots, too. That close-up of the water lily, with the shadows in the petals, is lovely.

  9. I like the dogs and the lily pads too!

  10. Beautiful photos. I admire the close ups you gather. Just watched a piece tonight on PBS of the gardens behind Buckingham Palace. Didn't know they existed. A lake and everything. But most fun to watch and though you might enjoy also.

  11. Great pictures. I especially like that first picture of the dragonfly and the picture of the dogs.

  12. Nice job on your photos....I occasionally see Monarchs in the Spring.

  13. Wonderful shots! I've been appreciating butterflies more because I've heard they are declining.


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