Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All Over The Prairie

Prairie Clover

Queen Anne's Lace
So the day before I ended up in the ER, I was enjoying life with people who travel on two wheels. Three semi's full of gear go from town to town on each day of the annual ride across Iowa.
A city of repair shops and food booths.
The first of over 7,500
Every overnight town has a theme.
Of course some unusual foods. Riding 60-75 miles a day gets a voracious appetite going. There is always one day with extra miles added to make a  hundred mile loop  for the adventurous. I ate eight pieces of pie during a day one year traveling that extra loop.
Duckie became one. He will remain the youngest grandson until after the first of this next month when Harrison arrives.
Halloween Pennant

Silver-spotted Skipper


  1. I always feel as if I've taken a sweet, fresh walk through the prairie when reading your posts. Thank you for that. The biking event looks fun and that baby covered with pie (Or cake??) is precious!

  2. Goat cheese ice cream sounds really different to somebody like me who grew up in the city. I'd have to try it if I was there.

  3. My mother loved pictures of babies covered with anything messy. Duckie is a cutie.

  4. wow, 3 semis to carry the gear. That's a lot.That's a lot of miles to ride in one day, I'm pretty sure I would never make

  5. I'm sorry about your accident. If you pile up while cycling you can do some serious damage to yourself.

  6. I knew the ride across Iowa was big, but I didn't realize HOW big until seeing all those sleeping bags and hearing that it takes three semis to haul all the gear. I'm glad you're doing better; I love all your "prairie" photos.

  7. I love the nature shots from your part of the world!

  8. So sorry you're in pain. Sending you healing thoughts. Love the messy baby.

  9. Je3ez Steve, I missed the part about your ER visit. I've bennslow on blogging after shoulder surgery. Two months more of therapy has left me a bit out of sorts' Hang in there....:)


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