Monday, July 13, 2015

Putting A Cat In A Box Made Easy

Red-headed Woodpecker

These little Carolina Wrens have taken over a few bluebird boxes, but it is hard to say no to them. They have a happy song and remind me of placing a wren house outside the kitchen window for my mom to always watch that I had made in cub scouts. This pair has had a couple families in this one.
Prairie Clover
Compass Plant

Liatris filling out

Culvers Root
Bumble Bee on a milkweed bloom

Mother bluebird
 A few days of sun are followed by storm clouds moving in. Sometimes the storm moves through fast, but today I listen to a gentle rain with some thunder. A brave little dog sits close, not wanting to go out  in this type of weather. I made some pancakes today and laughed taking them out into my dining room seeing Rascal in his favorite thing, a box. Perhaps I set this out there for him he thought. I was going to recycle it, but will get more use out of it letting him relax. If it had a lid one could close it and mail him to unsuspecting friends. He will stay if you lift it and carry him  around, but I am more interested in my pancakes with fresh blueberries and maple syrup. Glad he isn't trying to nose in, he does if milk is involved. Warm is coming in fast creating these storms and close to triple digit temperatures are in store for the week. I will spend some time in my pool and weather out the warm. We sheared the sheep and they thanked Billy for the new look. It is amazing how much wool comes off them. My daughter has plans for it, so it will be fun to see what she makes.


  1. Boxes always come in handy, in many ways. Love the woodpecker shot.

  2. That is a perfect size box for Rascal. If you ever find a lid and want to mail him somewhere Gibbs could use a friend to hang out with while we're at work :)
    I hope you'll share what you daughter does with all the wool

  3. They love a box over a pole! Crazy...Rascal is a doll! Pancakes? Sounds great!

  4. You gave me a chuckle talking about "the warm". Excuse me... it is hot! Your flowers are blooming wonderfully in your part of the prairie. I like all the colors and shapes.

  5. so many beautiful wild flowers on the prairie. you are hotter than we are. only mid-90s here.

  6. Love the red-headed woodpecker and the bluebirds. Rascal looks like a neat cat, and the box is a perfect fit. No wonder he thought it was for him.

  7. I always have to think about triple digit temps. I'd be boiling with our triple digit temp.

  8. I love the red-headed woodpecker pictures. I finally saw my first one a couple of months ago, but I didn't get any pictures.

  9. We have a family of Carolina Wrens that live in our garage; I'm with you (they're just so darn happy and cute!) Love browsing through your fabulous photos!

  10. Your cat looks quite pleased with his box.

  11. As always, your photos are beautiful and give pause for thought. Carolina wrens decided to make a nest in our garage. With the garage on the side, I'd left the kitchen door open so as to take a short cut from the back to the garage or go around if I had to. Kinda noticed the little birds fluttering away when I went around the side but thought nothing of it. HA! In a couple of hours, they'd made a nest on the car's dust wiper. Sorry to move it but we couldn't leave the garage door open. They, er, squawked a bit, then made a new nest elsewhere. They certainly are busy little critters.


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