Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lots Of Purple

 A trill of the Common Yellowthroat greets the prairie as new friends arrive. It is the peak of the season it seems with many new faces showing up and painting the land with bright colors. It is like seeing lost friends again and always charms me. A few favorites always catch my attention.

Lets cruise
Purple Coneflowers

Blazing Star
This Butterfly Milkweed is serving a buffet. The smaller butterflies are Pearl Crescents, and the larger a Gulf Fritillary.
Prairie Clover

Wild Bergamot

A Northern Flicker looking for bugs

Blue Vervain
I chose this bouquet for you


  1. So many beauties in this post. I especially liked the butterfly milkweed with all the butterflies. And the bouquet at the end of the post is lovely.

  2. Thanks for the bouquet. That Blue Vervain is so pretty.

  3. Flower blooming and bird breeding make for a very busy summer time.

  4. Lots of purple here, my favorite color, thanks for the selections, Steve.

  5. gorgeous pics. I do like the last one. some of your birds and flowers are different than what we see, some the same.

  6. Hi Steve, Thanks for not giving up on me --and my lack of time for blogging right now.. I do enjoy your posts SO much... Aren't the purples of SUMMER just marvelous....

    Happy 4th to you and yours.

  7. Your prairie is beautiful! I love how well coordinated the pearl crescents and the gulf fritillary are as they dine together.


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