Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Izaak Walton's Pond

Comma Butterfly
Common Yellowthroat
This little guy was singing so hard he almost deflated.

Barn Swallow

Sitting on a dock at my conservation club is always nice. I have been out all week early in the morning. It has been fun sharing fish pictures and stories with all around me.
  This reflection looked like a mountain to me 
Indigo Bunting
Giant Swallowtail
Swamp Milkweed


  1. Such pretty pictures (as always!) LOVE that first shot; how thoughtful of Madame Butterfly (ha ha) to stop on that marvelous blue background for you!

  2. love that swamp milkweed. Hope you had a great father's day

  3. I don't know why I don't get up early and get out. It's the best time of the day. Well, I do know why I don't get up early. I live with somebody who is very cranky in the morning.

  4. You made me chuckle with the "deflated" cardinal comment. I really like the coneflower shot, too. I like that you chose a less-than-perfect specimen for your photo.

  5. What an amazing world we live in. Such glorious colors. Thank you for sharing. You took some grand photos!

  6. Your pictures are always wonderful. I especially noticed the Indigo Bunting this time. I only ever saw any once in my life, but I thought at the time they were the most beautiful birds I ever saw.

  7. I like the first butterfly and the indigo bunting. Pretty pictures!

  8. beautiful. looks like a first season for the cardinal.

  9. Beautiful collection here. I'd love to see that bunting. Did just send off 5 swallow babies from the eaves of our dock. So fun to watch them getting ready for flight.


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