Saturday, June 27, 2015

In Between Rains

Each flower or group of coneflowers seems to have their own charm.

A wedding at the hay barn.
Bluebird mother announcing a new family.

Lily finally got sheared

Daisy has to smell everything and be on the hunt always.
Red Admiral, on a miniature Butterfly Bush I am trying this year.
These lilies have such a great scent, I have lots of them all around.

I call this a Coral Mushroom. It is edible, but not much flavor.

Eat from this one and you will grow tall Alice. I looked for fairies underneath.
Kiss me ,I'm a prince


  1. Love the lady bluebird and Lily, who looks very nice in her summer "do."

  2. our yard is full of baby toads and frogs from all the rain. every step scatters a few.

  3. Terrific photos, as always. The dogs are so darn cute :o) Any luck finding the fairies? I check every mushroom I come across in the pasture, but I haven't found any so far...

  4. I love coneflowers. That barn looks like a fun place to hold a wedding. I can picture all the rustic decorations.
    Lily looks adorable

  5. Nice variety of native flower species.

  6. I love to watch the bluebird families at work. Your frogs are a tad bigger than mine. I wish I could smell your beautiful lilies. Thanks for sharing.


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