Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hot Is Hot

With the arrival of coreopsis bloom comes the Gulf Fritillary

Prairie Rose
Common Yellowthroat
Mrs. Bluebird

It was almost triple digits yesterday. This is suppose to be in July, but I will hope for cool that month. I have to go farther south next month for a national trap shoot. One year while doing a prairie research project the heat became so intense I went and bought all light colored clothes to try and stay cooler. I should not gripe, since I have seen a freeze in June and was staying in a tent. I gave in and made a cherry pie in all the heat, I have fresh cherries. I threw in a batch of corn bread to go with my supper since the oven was on. I am making some bacon to go with the cornbread for breakfast and may even have a slice of pie before I leave for the day. MMMMMM, with Almond Crumb Strudel topping. It is calling me now so I need to go, wish you could join me.


  1. I really worry about the early abnormal heat. I think we've ignored global warming too long.

  2. You have me laughing like crazy over the first picture. You've also got me wanting a piece of cherry pie :)

  3. It has been very hot here too. Love that cat picture. My cats also like to sleep in flower pots.

  4. You're having just the right amount of food and adventure on a hot summer day. I used to know such days, and yes, good comfort food made it all worth while.

  5. What a great and colorful assortment of photos Steve. The first one is my favorite in this post. And, the frittilary is a close second. No triple digit heat here in NH, but it has been warm even more so in places we formerly lived in NJ and VA. That cherry pie was worth the heat...yum!

  6. The cat photo and caption is hilarious. Love the butterfly on the yellow flowers. You do make that cherry pie sound tempting.

  7. It is so hot here as well. poor little killdeer sitting on her eggs in full sun.

  8. Bacon, corn bread and cherry pie? Save some for me! Could we have a little vase of coreopsis on the table?


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