Monday, May 11, 2015

Nesting Habits

I am still hobbling, especially trying to get out a bit and enjoy this lovely weather. Sometimes I howl like a wildcat when I turn the wrong way, or little dogs want to jump up and greet me. I always enjoy seeing who gets to ride the white mule in the picture below, it is over thirty. This is a big family and they bring out two or three trailers full. It is fantastic to see such a large group enjoying each others company. It is family strength that made this prairie what it is today. I am part of a few families as an extended family member, but the patriarch of mine. In Niobrara, Nebraska I met one family who had nineteen kids.

Soon this will be full of blooms
Lots of new bird families working hard to make everything perfect for new generations.

Canadian Geese and brood.
Eastern Kingbird
This guy would not leave me alone, it must have just hatched nearby.
When I first saw these Carolina Wrens, I thought both were on top of the nesting box. Getting closer I realized it was a bird and post, until I saw the female inside.

This Brown Thrasher can sing up to 1500 songs. It puts them together and sings a phrase twice, with a string of so many sounds I could not tell when it started over. I enjoyed watching the gesturing also that appeared with different phrases. I have went back every day to this same draw just to listen through the week.

Hey, did you get in my sock and bite me?
This Goldfinch is the state bird here in Iowa. It still has a bit of grey, having not fully molted from its winter color. I remember still the first time we saw one and my Dad thought is could be someone's escaped canary. We followed it trying to get close to rescue it.


  1. the brown thrasher is similar to our mockingbirds I guess. love the bluebirds, especially the top picture, and wrens.

  2. When I read that the white mule was 30 years old I was curious and had to go look to see what their life expectancy was. One site said 30-50

  3. Sorry to hear you're hobbling around. :( But you're apparently spry enough to get some good bird shots!
    I would love to ride a mule; a 30 year old might be just my speed. The family reunion sounds great, and I bet those mules saw plenty of action.

  4. I like the colorful birds ad flowers and a few mules thrown in.

  5. Hi OOTP - glad you're moving around and being able to use the camera giving us some delightful Spring shots - the weather does look wonderful. Loved seeing all the flora and fauna that catches your eye .. the family with their donkeys sound such fun to have around .. but the bird life is beautiful - and 'the canary' .. stunning colour of the Goldfinch. Great news re your recuperation ... take care and enjoy all things improving/blossoming ... cheers Hilary

  6. Those are really some fun mule shots.

  7. Your "hobble shots" are lovely. That blue bird is so intensely blue, it boggles the mind. Hobble, boggle....didn't even realize I was making a rhyme.

  8. That is one creepy spider. I prefer the bird pictures ;-) Believe it or not, I have been to Niobrara!


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