Friday, May 29, 2015

A Lovely Dream

As the sun began to peek, the clouds turned pink and welcomed in a new day. She walked over to the edge of the hill and raised her arms out to the side with her palms up. The energy of the day was pulled into her body and her thoughts drifted out over the prairie. A simple chant came to her, she wasn’t sure what it might mean, but offered the words she felt to the gentle breeze. “ Je sens la richesse de l'amour et le bonheur que vous partagez avec moi aujourd'hui.”  Another language spoke to her, a simple set of words she really didn’t understand. It seemed like it was someone speaking to all the living plants and animals around. She offered her thoughts again, this time using what she felt. “I feel the wealth of love and happiness you share with me today.” It had a blend of thoughts and similarity to what she had been thinking. It was a powerful verse, one that flowed from her lips across the region and joined with other beautiful thoughts drifting around. She opened her eyes and thought of this simple thought as a way to enrich her day as well as for others. A Red-bellied Woodpecker chattered as it flew overhead, and she felt they shared their existence with everything around. A smile spread over her face as she thanked the woodpecker for its greeting and she traced a path across the hills. This would be the path she would choose today and share with others, her love of the land.

She walked to the top of another hill and stopped to catch her breath. This was a rough terrain and she had to stop frequently. She tried to imagine what it was like to live off this land before civilization had changed it so. A cluster of flowers dried from the frosts caught her eye, the suns angle making them glow. Everywhere she looked the beauty beckoned to her and told her this was a place she would visit often to enjoy the spirit that it gave to her soul. A fallen tree offered comfort to sit and gather back her strength. Getting out her water bottle the liquid soothed her parched throat and comforted her tired muscles.  She sat for quite some time, not caring what else she had to do for the day; it was so heavenly where she was. As she walked back to her car, she recited her verse many times. It was like a prayer to share over and over again, sending her thoughts out to all she had loved and met. Her happiness was carried away on a gentle prairie breeze, for all to enjoy around her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On The Road

A festival of fun as I helped lead a field day for third graders in a small town to the north of me. I of course lead a fishing  experience for kids of all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day and over 300 participants I claimed the honor of teaching fishing to the entire third grade of this tiny city. What a great day of fun, and of course I also told a few fish stories and encouraged all to do the same.
I wonder if this guy likes the spider in front of it?
He liked the hook better, but was released unharmed.
Old, new and future fishermen
A prize catch she didn't want to touch
Peony in my yard
This huge beetle wanted to land on my neck and go down inside my shirt. I sent this pic to Mobugs and she said I could have received a terrible bite. It made a smelly escape on my hand as I grabbed it and threw it off to the side, a bit alarmed. It was about as big as your first joint on your thumb. YIKES!
A flying flower flitted close to me
When a large crashing sound landed a huge branch to the left of me
With sore knee still I couldn't run to flee
And breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't the end of me.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birds and Buggies

Indigo Bunting

Golden Alexander
Two-headed cow
 Black Locust blooms can be eaten

Baltimore Oriole
Eastern Kingbird
 Amish kids in the park

 Spotted Sandpiper

The world moves
Through the trees
Through the decades
Always beautiful to me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cabin Fever

Great Blue Heron
I watched Columbine growing by the doorstep hoping to see a butterfly. Rain and cold has kept some of these visitors  in better weather. I have seen a number of species and saw my first Monarch Butterfly last Sunday. It was like seeing royalty with this rapidly diminished species.
I went for two days to this huge Blackberry patch to watch for butterflies. Above is my first Monarch and below a Giant Swallowtail. The scent of all the flowers was real nice also.

Dame's Rocket is similar to phlox only it has four petals instead of five.

Blue Jay
Someone took a taste it appears.

The fungus appears to run off the top of the stump and flow across the forest floor.
It is easy to see how this plant was named Spiderwort
I liked the symmetry of this huge oak