Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two Lips

My favorite, this year.

These are all from a day spent in a Dutch community, Pella, Iowa. You have heard me rave on their bakeries. Iowa's largest lake, Lake Red Rock,  is just outside of town, and I spend lots of  time camping and fishing there. This dwarfs my yard full of tulips, but I like mine better.


  1. they're all so pretty. I wish we had something like that here

  2. I could stop for while at these two lips and take in the beauty.

  3. Color, color, color! Very beautiful. I love reds and pinks. And purples. And, and and. Hehe. Haven't had much time to enjoy my yard.....soon. When we are done branding. :)

  4. Great pictures! Enterprise is one of the newer hybrids. I don't know the scientific details but it has been the most successful variety I have raised so far.

  5. I see a p[lace like this and wish it was a little closer to me. I'd love to see a place with all of those tulips. Maybe I should grow my own one of these times.

  6. Awesome place to see the Tulips, Steve. I too love that FIRST one.. It's different and gorgeous. Our Tulips are mostly gone now but the Irises are now beginning to bloom....

    We went back to Biltmore this week to see the Azaleas in bloom. I'll blog about it on Thursday.


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