Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Babies And More

Easter and Eggs were born on Easter, are ready to be joined by The Three Little Pigs. The life of luxury at the farm, many of the other animals will be eager to meet their new friends. I laugh watching my oldest in her rubber boots out feeding and taking care of them. She was always an animal lover, I shirk thinking at all the types of pets we had through the years. I used to buy the cheap tennis shoes by the half dozen just so she had some to wear with me out in the garden. Matching gloves and boots were a start and it has continued for over a quarter century. Both sisters went out the other day to build a new pig stall. They celebrated the new finds with ice cream at Hickory Park, famous for over 150 sundaes and many other sweet treats to compliment it's great barbecue. A  toast to the good life with a Cherry Phosphate, a favorite of mine.
Three Little Pigs 

A first Dragonfly sighting. This one was laying eggs on the water while I was fishing for trout.
A hefty lunch, I did share with the dogs

How does one pick the best of colors when all are so nice?

More to come!


  1. babies and spring. gorgeous tulips. they have to be planted every year here. either it gets too hot or doesn't get cold enough. probably both. I cleaned out the natural filter to the water lily pond the other day and found two dragonfly nymphs. I tossed them in the water lily pond.

  2. Easter and Eggs are perfect names for those two little cuties. All those tulips are so pretty. What a nice variety of colors

  3. Hi OOTP - a rich pickings of a post .. stories of the family, nature's family - sheeps, piggies, dragonflies, ducks, fishes ... wonderful and then all the tulips - they are stunning bulbs ... love it .. cheers Hilary

  4. So new critters of two kinds appear in spring.

  5. I like the pictures of the little baby animals. I recently saw a small herd of goats with lots of little ones like that. They all ran from me when I approached. They always run.

  6. What cute babies! I love all those tulips. And your lunch looks fantastic!

  7. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos and the photos of tulips look heavenly. You must be living in a very beautiful place.

    Best wishes

  8. Very nice pics but no tulips blooming yet here in the North Star State...


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