Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lazy Days

The blooms on trees seem to have opened overnight. It is a parade of color all around me. My yard is filling with tulip blooms. I had a lady stop and tell me how nice they looked, I guess I should have been quicker on the draw and offered the complete tour.  LOL The Eastern Towhee(pictured below) comes through each day so I have tried to imitate his call. He doesn't care, I think he is looking for a more feminine response. The huge flocks have all disappeared, a few have lingered on a few lakes. I have enjoyed watching birds gathering nesting materials. I have Bluebirds nesting at a house that is easy to watch, and sure to see some eggs this week.  They are such a pretty bird and I can see why they are described as bringing happiness to all. This Red-bellied Woodpecker in the picture above has been tapping out a new cavity nest at the back of my property. He seems shy except when eating some sunflower seed at my feeders.

The inside of a red tulip

This robin likes the right mix of mud and leaves along the pond where I was fishing.
Eastern Bluebird

This Northern  Flicker has been very allusive when I try for a shot.



  1. Hi OOTP - lovely magnolia, wonderful shot of the tulip ... gorgeous reflection, then the whites and the birds - aren't they stunning .. love them, so colourful ..

    Cheers .. lovely to see - Hilary

  2. there are times when spring moves very rapidly and it's very beautiful. You catch the beauty in your photos.

  3. I'm betting the next time you have a lady stop to admire your garden you'll be more

  4. I'm enjoying seeing spring over and over as it travels north.

  5. I would love to see a bluebird. Never have.
    Looks like the world is opening up there after the winter. I can imagine how beautiful the tulips must be.

  6. The green and other colors have been popping out all over here too all of a sudden. I wish I had as many great birds as you do.

  7. That kitty sure looks snuggly. Great shots!

  8. Great post! Lazy days but not of summer here today. 27 degrees last night.

  9. Three cheers for spring! Hip hip hooray!


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