Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bluebirds, Bluebells And More

These two always seem to be in the same place when I pass.
Red-winged Blackbird
American Robin
Red-bellied Woodpecker
I have the blues. Lots of Bluebells coming in, there are two varieties in Iowa. Bluebirds are nesting and starting new families. I build a lot of houses for them and like to give them away. We have eliminated  a lot of areas they would build their nests so it is nice to offer new ones. Tomorrow I get to have my knee scoped for two tears I have. I had to get a lot of approvals, I seem to be somewhat of a risk for surgery. Limping around for a month has made me a grouch on some days. I know it is hard to believe, but we all have our days. My biggest problem will be the transportation issue. I live in the middle of know where, and have very few people close to be able to help. One is in surgical rehab after a back surgery. The other is getting to feeble to do much of anything. I am suppose to take him on errands today. My children all work and live two hours away, and are busy with lots of kids. It will work out, even if they have to keep me overnight. That is what I have had to do before. Next week I am to meet with a group from Nevada and show them the prairie all week so I need a speedy recovery. Tough when we get older I guess. I am just past 29, again and again.

Shooting Star
Pussy Toes in bloom. These are only 3 inches tall, but an interesting flower.

Burning off a new area
Mud Socks

Hide those babies, he is looking at us!
Many of you may remember a friend, Reva, who has a pretty smile when you bring her the simplest of gifts. I am bringing her lilacs, her favorite flower, every few days. She is in a care center and doesn't really know me much anymore, but the joy she offers fills my life with joy. I used to have coffee with her daily when I first moved here,  and she did all my sewing such as clothes and curtains. I also like to sit a dozen pastries on her lap and she always can't believe she can have as many as she wants. She is 90 so has lead a full life , working very hard and surviving three husbands. I told her the next time I would have chocolate, and she said to come back soon. We both like our sweets very well.


  1. Lovely pictures. I especially liked the birds and the bluebells. But I had to laugh at those two cows. We go to a rural area in Spain, and we see cows sitting in the pasture like that. Hope your knee scope goes well and that you are soon back to health. Your 90-year-old friend looks very sweet.

  2. Lovely pictures. I especially liked the bluebells and the cows -- well, also your 90-year-old friend, who looks like a sweet lady. Good luck with your knee scope. I hope it heals quickly.

  3. Great birdies... Neat that you have 2 kinds of BB's... I love those little guys. I had an Indigo Bunting at my feeders yesterday and today.. WOW--gorgeous colors....

    We told Dad Adams when he got OLD that he could eat anything he wanted to... He was always a good eater!!!!! Can't wait til someone says that to me.. ha ha ... So nice that you do wonderful things for Reva. God Bless HER --and YOU.

    Pussy Toes, huh???? Gorgeous --but a funny name!


  4. I love the mud socks and the bluebirds. Best of luck with you knee surgery. Had that a few years ago. Do your Rehab. Just saying. Thinking with all the outdoor hiking you do, you won't have a problem with that. Take good care.

  5. Love the Plover; that is one cool looking bird! I think it's lovely that you continue to visit your friend even though she doesn't always recognize you :o)

  6. LOL, mud socks. How sweet of you to take the flowers to your friend.

  7. Good luck on your surgery. I have the same problem but more options like the bus or cab. My daughter is no help as she lives in Chicago!

  8. Wonderful pictures and interesting stories this time. I keep looking for bluebirds around here, but I never find any. Good luck with the knee.

  9. the bluebells are so sweet. we don't have them down here. I want to get some bluebird houses. now that we have the shop with the huge and empty yard I think I might be able to entice them. the lady I buy coffee from has them.

  10. I'm glad you are taking things to your friend. Warms my heart!

  11. Hope you are soon on the mend. Love the color and clarity of these photos!

  12. You are good to bring her treats.

    That plover looks suspiciously like this bird that will be on my blog in a few weeks that I thought was a killdeer. Hmmmm.

  13. How sweet you are to your friend! I hope I have someone to bring me treats like that when I am 90! My knee is also out of whack, and I am biding my time trying to figure out what to do. The first surgery went well and I recovered quickly, but then I fell on it and tore it all the way. Now they want to take it out,which will immediately cause RA..or so he says. I'm hoping it will miraculously heal on it's own. :) Good luck to you with your surgery!

  14. I bet those lilacs smell fantastic! She's lovely...
    I'll be praying that God sends you an Angel to help out! If I were there, I would!!

  15. Hi OOTP - sorry didn't get to read this til now - good luck with that surgery ... sounds as though there's a few complications there .. such as the journey, and then the being 'kicked out' and needing a while to recover ... then the visitors ... take care and I hope it all slots into place.

    Wonderful sharing life with Reva still ... our lilacs are only just coming out .. but must keep an eye open for them .. wonderful Spring on the Prairie .. love your photos - so recover slowly and well - all the very best - be thinking of you ... cheers Hilary

  16. That post made me feel happy. So far as the birds are concerned the only one we have here on The Isle of Lewis is the Plover.

  17. Good luck with the scoping, Steve. I waited t0 long for an artificial knee but at 65 when I got it was a miracle....:)


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